Prince Charming? Not Anymore.


I’ve been donating blood for 2 years now. I’m trying my best to do it every 3 months. Beside it’s healthy, I’m proud of my self because I can do little thing to help people.

And here the problem came. I dated a guy from another country. He was a nice and caring person. Before I dated him, I knew that he wanted a nice physically lady. We agreed to turn my appearance to his standard slowly.

After 2 months, he asked me to lose my weight for 5-8kg. I was 50kg at that time. For some people it might be easy, but not for me.

-I’ll share it next time-

At first I was joking, and said that as a blood donator I had minimal weight, unfortunately I had to keep my weight at least 50kg. Honestly I had no idea about my minimal weight to be a blood donator. But then he said something shocking. He asked me to STOP donating and work on my appearance. He said in the future there would only be me and him.

I was speechless. I tried to understand how could he ask me to stop donating blood just because of my appearance? How could he think that appearance was more important than humanity?

Everything changed in my mind. Prince Charming turned into ash. I couldn’t (didn’t want to) deal with people who think that way. I prefer and proud to be myself. If he couldn’t accept me, he could find another doll.

Now everything’s back to normal. I’m still being single, still donating blood every 3 months, and happy. I hope my Mr. Right still waiting out there.




Just had a bad news about my little brother who was bullied by his classmate. Unfortunately it wasn’t the first time happened at school. I hope it won’t happen again in the future. Being pushed from the stairs could affect any damage in the future. I won’t blame and judge anyone. There’s no point to point anyone, but law is a law. Punishment is needed to remind us that we made mistake, so we won’t do it again in the future.

Discussion about violence will never end. People have different ideal ways to handle violence between children. How about the realization? Personally, I can say that we have to do it together. All of us. Parents and family should work together to educate kids about ethics and love. School and social community should teach them about the rules both written and unwritten. TV and social media should support by filter their content of programs too. When I was a kid, I loved to watch cartoon about cat and mouse. It was fun but I never imitated what they did. Nowadays when I grow up, I realize that it wasn’t good for kids to watch.

I think it’s our responsible to fix it. Together we can do it. We protect children from violence, we warn them about violence. Tell them if they made mistake. Show them the effect of what they did. I’m not a psychologist, psychiatry, or whatever they called, who learned about human interaction. But I want to help. I want to know how to fix it, make it better. It won’t be easy, and it won’t work without your help. Let’s make a better world real. We can start from our family, our society, our friends, and I believe we can do it together

Happy St. Nicholas Day


As Indonesian, I didn’t celebrate St. Nicholas Day. But last year I found a gift (or treat?) in front of my bedroom door. It was my first gift after years, and I admit that it felt great.


So this year I prepare some treats and gifts for my parents and siblings, they’ll be here in a week or two. I just wish they’re here today. It would be perfect to celebrate it together, share the happiness. Anyway, Happy St. Nicholas Day for all of you!